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Stureplanskliniken is the leader in Scandinavia for aesthetic laser surgery and nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, also called minimal invasive procedures, and we have clinic in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen. We offer scientifically documented treatments, such as laser, Restylane, Macrolane, Botox and chemical peeling. Our philosophy is to carry out lighter, preservative treatments where we protect and emphasise your beauty instead of major plastic surgery.

we create natural beauty

Stureplanskliniken acquires the Exoro clinic in central Copenhagen

Stureplanskliniken has expanded to Denmark through the acquisition of the Exoro clinic located on Pilestræde close to Strøget. The clinic was founded in 2007 and has established its position as one of the leading medical clinics with special competence with Restylane, Botox, Sculptra and Fraxellaser treatments. In conjunction with the acquisition, the venue will expand in order to offer treatment with Macrolane; breast enhancement with simple injection, and Body-Jet; water-assisted liposuction.

Read more information about Exoro clinic in Copenhagen

Stureplanskliniken opens new clinic in Helsingborg

In Helsingborg we are centrally located at  Södra Kyrkogatan 4, where previously Medicinsk hudklinik and Capo Di Capo operated. When Stureplanskliniken takes over, we increase the treatment menu. Apart from medical skincare, laser, Restylane and Botox, we offer Macrolane (natural breast augmentation through simple injection), sclerotherapy of leg veins and Body-Jet  (water-assisted liposuction).

New and old customers are welcome!
To book an appointment, call 042-133 266 or come by if you are nearby. E-mail: helsingborg@stureplanskliniken.se

New! The New lift with Restylane

"Restylane Soft Restoration Concept"

Stureplanskliniken is the first clinic in Scandinavia with the New Lift - a new concept to use Restylane for a face-lift effect. BOOK A CONSULTATION FREE OF CHARGE TODAY!
The new lift is done with special thin blunt cannulas and you lift and sculpt the skin of the face in three dimensions. The result is a marked rejuvenation with softer features, rounded shapes and an all-over lifting effect.
The treatment takes 45-60 minutes. The results are immediate. With the correct procedure, you will also induce a collagen stimulation and will achieve further effects during the coming months after the treatment.
The whole face is treated through 2-4 entry points and since it is a blunt cannula the entry points are invisible and there is normally no bruising with the New Lift.
The New Lift costs from 9900 SEK depending on how large treatment you need. The New Lift is recommended for sagging, wrinkled skin or visible pores, for sagging jaw line, deflated cheeks, and if the face has lost volume and needs lifting. It is also effective for acne scars and other scars and when the skin has lost elasticity.
There is great interest for the New Lift in the business and when dr Pyra Haglund from Stureplanskliniken held the first course at Q-med in Uppsala on March 10 mars more than 45 Restylane Experts from the Scandinavian countries came to learn about the method.

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we create natural beauty